These are the precautions I have worked out to ensure the German lessons will pose no threat to our wellbeing.

  1. I am providing masks (of the basic kind) and hand disinfectant both for you and me. There is no obligation to wear a mask.
  2. There is not going to be any physical contact, including handshakes.
  3. We are going to be sitting at opposite ends of the table.
  4. I am going to disinfect the table after every lesson.
  5. The lessons are very verbal and with little to none of my usual relaxing equipment like dice, cards and games. If we do use them, I will make sure to disinfect them also.
  6. Weather conditions and allergies permitting, the door is going to be open during lessons and break time.
  7. I am sending homework and teaching material via email (instead of handing out paper). I am asking students to bring a laptop, an iPad or something similar to the lessons in my classroom for us to share screen, if necessary.

I am doing my best to keep the lessons entertaining, even though these measures may sound a little grim.

If you welcome further safety measures, please do not hesitate to let me know and if it is within my powers, I will do my best to see to them.

Apart from teaching German, I also work as a night watch in an institution for elderly people with handicaps. Please help me protect them by adhering to the measures outlined above. Thank you.