Sprachkunst Fabienne Müller is an officially recognized one-woman language school run with knowledge and dedication by a proficient German teacher.

What: I teach German as a Second Language and Swiss German to adult students with the most diverse backgrounds and levels which range from A1 to C1. I assist in general progress and flow of speech as well as in exam preparation. Informal formats like reading easy German books or playing communicative games are offered also.

Where: The German lessons take place in-person only at Maneggpromenade 80 in 8041 Zürich in Switzerland. Normally I don’t offer online lessons, but in our present situation I now offer Skype sessions with a reduction of 10%. Online packages will change to in-person lessons when the pandemic clears.

Who for:

-Private students. Private lessons are always tailored. By tending to the students’ wishes and needs, I facilitate progress because it happens faster and on a deeper level if personal interest is involved.

-Small groups up to five participants. Groups form themselves and approach me, there are no groups to join. The more alike the students are in level, the easier it is for everyone to draw a benefit and for me to do justice to every participant.